Benzoin resin is a reddish-brown oil secreted from the benzoin tree. It has been used for centuries in beauty treatments.
Ancient civilisations considered it to be an important remedy to ward off evil spirits and it was often used for fumigation and incense burning.During the Renaissance, one of the most exciting gifts received by Italian princes and nobles was benzoin from the East, as it was one of the best fragrances for incense.


Benzoin is very useful for cracked, dry skin and restores elasticity to the skin. It has a sweet aromatic scent a bit like Vanilla. Take a breath that settles, heals and purifies the body and mind. 


Skin Type : Normal skin to dry skin

Weight : 95g ± 5g



Benzoin Purifying

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  • Olive oil - Coconut oil - Shea butter - Sodium hydroxide - H2O - Benzoin powder

  • - Store in a cool place from the sun and keep dry after use.

    - All soaps are free from artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. The natural colour and smell of plants may change slightly over time that natural. 

    - Use up within 6 months (keep in a cool place, away from heat and sunlight

    - Please conduct a skin allergy test before using the new product.