The best oil controlling soap.

Bamboo charcoal soap has antiseptic, anti-itch and exfoliating properties. With regular use, it effectively absorbs sebum and skin metabolites to improve skin radiance and keep skin in good condition. Bamboo charcoal is made from alpine Monzong bamboo or charcoal that is burned at high temperatures for over 20 days. Bamboo charcoal powder is a natural surfactant, and bamboo charcoal soap is formulated with other raw materials to thoroughly remove pore impurities and excess oil, moisturise the skin, remove odours and inhibit bacteria.


Skin Type : Normal skin 

Weight : 95g ± 5g

Bamboo Charcoal

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  • Olive oil - Coconut oil - Shea butter -  Almond oil - Sodium hydroxide - H2O - Bamboo charcoal powder

  • - Store in a cool place from the sun and keep dry after use.

    - All soaps are free from artificial colours and synthetic fragrances. The natural colour and smell of plants may change slightly over time that natural. 

    - Use up within 6 months (keep in a cool place, away from heat and sunlight

    - Please conduct a skin allergy test before using the new product.