A story of skins

Meet Paula

I am an animals and plants lover. They make me learn many things  everyday. And that is why I started....

For many years , seeing my friends suffering with their own skins problems made me wonder :  how comes ...?
As every skins and persons is different it's impossible to to know and maybe we will never know. But at least what we can do is start to protect our skin in a natural way.
So I started to make natural products such as soap bar and cream. 

At noussavons, We are committed to producing natural and skin-friendly skincare products that reduce the burden of harsh chemicals on the skin. We enhance the skin's ability to heal itself and deliver a remarkable and harmless herbal skincare effect, allowing everyone to experience the power of nature's beauty.

It is a way back to nature and confidence that comes with it, radiating healthy beauty from body, mind and soul.

In addition to our concern for your health, we also care about the environment. that's why we are using as little packaging as possible and proposing products such as shampoo bars to cut plastic. The process of cold saponification requires as well very little energy ,but requires time and patience, the soap is made in smaller batches.


Be kind to our planet .
Let the simplicity of natural get in touch with you ! You deserve to have lovely heathy skins!